SwissStop Full FlashPro GHP 2 Brake Pad/Holder Set - $34.00

FlashPro means one thing: These are compatible with Shimano and SRAM brakes. And the "Full" in SwissStop Full FlashPro GHP 2 means that the pads come with holders as well. Basically, it's a half set, ready to bolt right into your brake caliper. One order gets you 2 pads total -- enough for one wheel.GHP 2 stands for Green High Performance, and this is an improved version of SwissStop's versatile all-conditions pad for aluminum and ceramic-coated alloy rims. Due to a new pad compound, it has greater stopping power, better durability, and is more rim friendly even in nasty, rainy slop. If you find yourself out in the weather often, the GHP 2 is made for you. To better the performance over the previous Flash GHP pads, the FlashPro GHP 2 has deeper asymmetrical grooves and a more pronounced leading edge profile. The idea is to "squeegee" away more water to improve the wet weather performance and the deeper grooves also help give the pads better modulation. They increased the total pad depth with more material above the wear line -- good news for those folks that often ride in gritty, "Belgian" conditions.SwissStop pads are made by a Swiss company named Rex Articoli SA. Their 70 years of experience in technical compounds allows them to produce brake pads with fine tuned performance characteristics. SwissStop pads have superior stopping power, low pad-wear rates, very linear brake response, and a smooth, quiet performance.Please Note: These are the exact same pads that SwissStop supplies Mavic for use with the Exalith rims on their Ksyrium and R-Sys SLR wheel systems. - $34.00