Swiss+Tech Key Rings - $3.88

Be prepared for anything with these ultradurable microtools. Key ring included. Available: Micro-Light Ultra Contains an LED microflashlight (batteries included). Soft-squeeze on/off button with Glo-Ring . BodyGard PTX Tool has three lifesaving tools: a glass breaker, seat-belt cutter and an LED microflashlight (batteries included). Screwz-All Precision-crafted tool houses No.1-2 flat-head screwdrivers, No. 1-2 Phillips screwdrivers, 1/8" rule markings and a quick-release key clip. Utili-Key MX Patent-pending design offers: LED flashlight (batteries included), straight and serrated knife blades, a No. 2 flat-head screwdriver and a quick-disconnect key ring. - $3.88