Swisher 44 Trailmower - $1,299.99

Mowing large areas just got easier with the dependable Swisher 44" Trailmower. Large 44" cutting width allows farmers, hunters, and outdoorsmen to mow right down to the waters edge around ponds and small lakes or tackle ditches with ease. Yards in any rural or suburban setting are a snap, and its great for keeping paths and trails mowed. This wide, finish-cut mower is designed to quickly attach to any lawn tractor, ATV or other towing vehicle with its adjustable universal hitch. Because it is towed, the powerful, reliable 10.5hp (recoil start) or 12.5hp (electric start) Briggs & Stratton engine funnels all of its power to the blades, giving you all the cutting power you need to get the job done. Makes mowing faster and easier. Mower can be offset in either direction or pulled directly behind tow vehicle and height adjustment is infinitely variable with easy-to-operate crank handles. Rugged heavy-gauge steel construction. 1/8" steel deck. Wide wheels add stability and aid in tracking. Rear discharge chute is spring-loaded. Automatic blade brake mechanism stops blades in seconds when blades are disengaged. Mower features on/off blade switch and two belt-driven finish-cut blades. Weight: 225 lbs. Available: Recoil Start (10.5hp) Electric Start (12.5hp). - $1,299.99