Swift .270 Caliber Bullets - Copper - $49.99

Scirocco's polymer Signature Black Tip initiates deadly expansion and is precisely shaped to reduce frontal air resistance and deliver a high ballistic coefficient. A progressively tapered pure copper jacket controls expansion on game through a wide range of velocities. Jacket and core are bonded together using proven Swift bonding technology. Engineered for optimal rotational stability. Thick boattail base reduces drag in flight, eases bullet seating when reloading and prevents bullet deformation in high-velocity magnum calibers. Per 100. A-Frame's pure lead core is bonded to a progressively tapered, pure copper jacket. An A-Frame cross member controls rate of expansion, while retaining weight in all calibers over a wide range of velocities. The protected rear core retains momentum for superior penetration. A semi-spitzer nose profile blends flight performance with the ability to withstand recoil impact in a magazine to prevent tip deformation. Per 50. Color: Copper. - $49.99