Surftech Universal Stand Up Paddleboard - 11' 6" - $1,200.00

The Surftech Universal 11 ft. 6 in. stand up paddleboard is ready for fitness, fun and exploration. Designed by shaping expert Randy French, this board is designed for stability and glide and is a great choice for flatwater touring and light surf. High volume and 220 lb. capacity makes this board an excellent choice for large paddlers. Offering a compromise between the 12 ft. cruiser and the maneuverable 11 ft. model, 11 ft. 6 in. length handles nicely and tracks well in flatwater. Full rails and a wide platform enhance stability so you can focus on the fun of the paddle. High-quality, pressure-molded EPS core is watertight; should you ding your board, water will not enter and weigh the board down as it might with cores of lesser quality. Waterproof EPS core is encased in multiple layers of fiberglass and high-quality epoxy resin to create a lightweight, highly responsive board; EPS core is fully recyclable. In addition to ensuring a comfortable experience underfoot, integrated Softop EVA deck offers reliable wax-free traction when paddling in the standing or kneeling position. Center fin and 2 side fins promote straight tracking in the water. Center handle makes transporting the 38.5 lb. Universal 11 ft. 6 in. paddleboard a breeze. - $1,200.00