Surftech Surf Music SUP Paddleboard Brown/Grey 9ft 6in - $968.95

The Surf Music shapes were designed with wave riding in mind. Many SUP designs lean more towards the paddling side. Gerry has taken the liberty of assuming the customer has already learned their paddling/balance skills and is looking to maximize his/her surfing performance. The bottom shape utilizes a single-to-double concave to give lift and speed in critical situations so going fast enough to make sections is not an issue. The concave bottom creates stability and the gentle rocker allows the board to slip easily through the water whether one is paddling for a wave or just cruising across flat water.Key Features of the Surftech Surf Music Paddleboard Brown/Grey 9ft 6in: LENGTH: 9'6" 289.56 cm NOSE: 20" 50.80 cm MID: 28.5" 72.39 cm TAIL: 17.75" 45.08 cm THICK: 4.13" 10.49 cm VOLUME: 136.3 L FINS: 10" Box Futures TECHNOLOGY: Tuflite - $968.95