Surftech Lopez Big Darling SUP Paddleboard 11ft 2in - $1,790.00

Gerry Lopez: "The 11'2" Big Darling is another sweet board, while slightly bigger than my Surf Music series, the performance is balanced with decreased volume and thin rails. For someone looking for flotation, stability and a good surfing board, all in one. I had a blast on this board surfing a decent size swell in Waikiki. Never missed a wave and loved the long, smooth lines I could draw with it. Very friendly board to a skillful SUPer, or a beginner. You can definitely maximize your session on this board."* Length: 11'2" * Width: 29.5" * Thick: 4.38" * Volume: 156.5L ( 41.3 gal) * FUTURE 5-fin - $1,790.00