Surftech Laird 12' 1" Stand Up Paddleboard - $1,546.93

The Surftech Laird 12 ft. 1 in. stand up paddleboard offers stability and performance that makes it ideal for both long-distance trips and surging waves. Designed by shaping expert Bob Pearson while working closely with surfer Laird Hamilton, this board is perfect for novice stand up paddleboarders and seasoned experts alike. 12 ft. 1 in. length combined with a high volume and extra width offers a stable platform for all sizes of riders; board easily handles long-distance trips and waves. The Surftech Laird 12' 1" stand up paddleboard offers several unique characteristics that makes it easy to enter waves, enjoy flatwater and maintain control in any situation. Narrow pintail is thinned down to provide tight, easy, flowing turns, and the center fin can be moved nearly in line with the side fins to enhance turning characteristics. Full nose width extends to mid-deck to enhance stability, and slight nose concave and relatively flat bottom under standing area enhances glide. Tapered foil of the nose and tail work with the low, thin rails to maximize performance in surf, and tail rocker makes the board loose and maneuverable when catching waves. High-quality, lightweight Tuflite epoxy board features a sandwich construction that provides the ultimate combination of performance and durability. At the heart of each board is a waterproof, fused-cell EPS core that's wrapped in fiberglass and laminated with high-quality epoxy resin. Core is then vacuum laminated with epoxy to a natural, high density cellulose composite, and then the final layer of fiberglass is added for a beautiful, eye-pleasing finish. The result is a board that offers years of performance, responsive handing and high durability. Center fin and 2 side fins promote straight tracking in the water; integrated deck pad provides exceptional grip and reduces foot fatigue. Handle makes transporting the 28 lb. Surftech Laird 12 ft. 1 in. - $1,546.93