Surftech Flowmaster Wood Stand Up Paddleboard - 12' 6" - $1,482.93

As suited for display as it is for playing in the water, the Surftech Flowmaster Wood 12 ft. 6 in. stand up paddleboard offers incomparable beauty without sacrificing its foundation in functionality. Made for speed and efficiency, the Flowmaster series is specifically designed with clean lines and lightweight construction for athletes driving towards the finish line. Impeccably crafted board created through a seamless construction process results in beautiful, durable board with a wood veneer finish that will last through years of use. At the heart of this board is a waterproof, fused-cell EPS core that's wrapped in fiberglass and laminated with high-quality epoxy resin. Subsequent layers of fiberglass and wood veneer plus exterior lamination create the durable and lightweight features of this board that pays homage to its roots. 12 ft. 6 in. length offers stability and a smooth ride through surf and on long flatwater tours. 275 lb. load capacity makes the Flowmaster Wood great for bigger paddlers and provides a stable, comfortable ride for smaller or beginner paddlers. Narrow, high-volume nose cuts through chop; narrow pintail is thinned down to provide tight, easy, flowing turns. Single fin promotes straight tracking for easy forward motion. Recessed carry handle makes toting the 35 lb. Flowmaster Wood 12 ft. 6. in stand up paddleboard quick and easy. - $1,482.93