Surftech B-1 Bomber Stand Up Paddleboard - 10' 6" - $1,359.93

You can head straight for the whitewater. The tough Surftech B-1 Bomber 10 ft. 6 in. stand up paddleboard is built to take a hit and won't let you down while you cruise through rapids or surf. The secret to the B-1 toughness lies in an exclusive thermal composite construction which creates an incredible strength-to-weight ratio and very high durability. 31.25 in. width and full thickness underfoot offer enough stability to hold your own in waves. Thinned out nose and tail enhance performance in surf and whitewater. Unique "corrugated" rail design enhances stiffness and creates a sleek rail line. Single fin enhances tracking. Center handle makes transporting the 47 lb. Surftech B-1 Bomber paddleboard a breeze. - $1,359.93