Surface Passport Skis - $354.95

Photographer, Adam Clark, has been involved with the surface family since day one. He's traveled the world and has held the shutter down at every opportunity. We asked Adam if he wanted to collaborate on a signature top sheet using only his images and passport stamps. His answer is the Passport ski. Built on the New Life chassis using the same construction, but with AC's imagery gracing the cosmetics. Thank you for all you do Adam.Key Features of the Surface Passport Skis: Subtle 3 Stage Rocker Powder Profile Wide Waisted Full Symmetrical Shape Subtle 3 Stage Rocker Symmetrical Shape Poplar Wood Core ABS Sidewall Extruded Base 2.5mm Full-Wrap Steel Edges Binding Reinforcement Sheets 2mm Mini Cap Design Radius (m): 15.5 (174), 16.5 (184), 17.9 (194) Weight - set (lbs): 9.1 (174), 9.8 (184), 10.3 (194) Dimensions (cm): 151/ 122/ 151 (174), 151/ 122/ 151 (184), 151/ 122/ 151 (194) - $354.95