Surface No Time Skis - $176.76

No Time received a complete overhaul. Thicker core profile, added camber and carbon stringers make this a raw park ski priced for the dirtbag dishwasher at your local hill.Key Features of the Surface No Time Skis: Feather Weight Hook Free Park Rocker All Mountain, All Condition Traditional Camber Construction Slight Early Rise Tip & Tai Bunch Pop Carbon Stringers Tip-to-tail Directional Taper Shape Poplar Wood Core ABS Sidewall Extruded Base 2.5mm Full-Wrap Steel Edges Binding Reinforcement Sheets 2mm Mini Cap Design RADIUS: 162cm 17.1m 172cm 17.9m WEIGHT: 162cm 5.2lbs (set) 172cm 6.5lbs (set DIMENSIONS: 162cm 108 / 76 / 99 172cm 108 / 76 / 100 - $176.76