Superstick Telescopic Push Pole - $199.99

Customize Supersticks Telescopic Push Poles length on the fly with its patented, positive locking device for balanced handling and superior ease-of-use in any inshore situation. Patented push pole fully extends for traditional flats-crossing action from atop a poling platform. Make it shorter for location-specific applications, like navigating super-shallow marshes or creeping into secluded backcountry waters thick with overhanging brush and mangroves. Contract completely and stow in your hold to prevent theft during transport or at the marina. Removable duck foot has a handy retractable decoy/lure retriever. Ultralightweight, 9-17 ft. weighs only 5 lbs and the 6-12 ft. model weighs 3.25 lbs. Textured nonslip surface on outer pole. Removable duck foot, universal attachment, cap and storage clips. Available: 6 ft. to 12 ft., 9 ft. to 17 ft. Type: Push Poles. - $199.99