Superfeet Footbeds Hot Pink E - $35.95

Designed primarily for tighter fitting footwear, Superfeet BLUE is our most versatile product. Ideal for Low to Medium Arch shaped feet that cannot tolerate maximum support. Recommended footwear: Cleated athletic footwear and all types of Casual and Dress shoes.MENS WOMENS JUNIORS C: 5.5-7 A: 2.5-4 A: 13.5-2 D: 7.5-9 B: 4.5-6 B: 2.5-4 E: 9.5-11 C: 6.5-8 F: 11.5-13 D: 8.5-10 G: 13.5-15 H: 15.5-17 Material: Closed-cell Trocellen foam design enhances comfort and absorbs shockProvides maximum support, stability, balance and shock-absorbtionSlight rocker bottom allows for some flex and foot rollDeep heel pocket centers heel and improves controlSoft flange area accommodates soft tissue expansion as your feet swell while running or hiking over extended distancesPatented profile enhances support and balance while improving shock absorptionContour shape developed from biomechanical principles of podiatric medicineIdeal for feet with medium to high archesRecommended footwear: running, walking, hiking, alpine and industrial footwear - $35.95