Superchips Cortex Programmer - $379.99

Easily maximize the performance of your truck with these tuners from Superchips. They offer cutting-edge performance programming in an easy-to-use handheld unit that doesn't require additional components or popping the hood. They download and save the factory calibration so you can return your vehicle to "factory specs" at any time. The tuners never need to be sent in for an update. Just connect to a USB and your PC, and updates and tuning tips are available for download at Superchips' Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) notification gives you all the electronics capability normally reserved for manufacturers. DTC mode troubleshoots all service lights that appear in the on-board computer and identifies the problem for you on the large graphic display, so you no longer have to rely on an auto shop to diagnose the problem. Engine and transmission parameters are monitored displayed on the large graphic screen. Tuning options let you adjust the settings to gain additional power, fuel-efficiency or speed. And, with the push of a button, you can custom tailor your vehicle's performance for nontowing, towing or heavily loaded towing jobs. Speedometer calibration is available to accommodate larger aftermarket tires. There's also a speed limiter and RPM limiter adjustment. If you're loyal to one brand of vehicle, then the Cortex is the tuner for you. It allows you to transfer the pack to other vehicles of the same brand and get all the power-packed performance with a simple download. Industry-exclusive 2-year power train warranty at no additional cost. - $379.99