Super Lube Multi-Purpose Lubricant - $2.88

A hard working synthetic based lube containing Teflon, for keeping the threads of muzzleloading breech plugs and shotgun choke tubes clean and free of debris and corrosion. It withstands high operating temperatures, and prevents fouling or powder residue from binding breech plugs and choke tubes. Also protects other metal surface from corrosion.Super Lube is also ideally suited for lubricating bolt lugs, over/under locking lugs, hinge pins, etc. In addition to all the other applications, Super Lube, works great on choke tubes. Choke tubes should be removed, cleaned, lubricated and replaced after every outing. Failure to do so could and does lead to expensive problems such as welded tubes. Super Lube is perfectly suited for the job of keeping tubes free. Super Lube contains an anti-seize compound especially suited for the tough punishment tubes withstand. Type: Lubes. Model: 1/2 oz.. 1/2 Oz Super Lube. - $2.88