SunForce Air X 400-Watt Wind Generator - $629.99

Wind's efficiency and reliability makes it one of the best available sources of energy. Now you can put it to good use with this 400-watt wind-powered generator. An average annual wind speed of 14 mph delivers enough power on average to run a list of more than ten popular appliances and electronics. Own a cabin in the remote backcountry Want a back-up supply of power for your home This generator is an ideal choice for both. Mount one to your RV and you won't have to worry about scouting for the next available campground with a power hookup. It supplies power day and night. All you need is one or more 12-volt batteries (sold separately) to store power and an inverter to convert the power to the required voltage. The carbon fiber composite blades produce little more than a whisper of wind noise. Patented high wind over speed technology ensures a clean charge. Fully integrated regulator automatically shuts down when the batteries are charged to minimize wear. Don't worry about maintenance on this unit. It has only two moving parts and the cast-aluminum body is durable and completely weatherproof. Delivers maximum power output of 400 watts or 27 amps in ideal conditions. Manufacturer's three-year warranty. Tower kit sold separately. Made in USA.Weight: 17 lbs. - $629.99