Sunforce 60-Watt Solar Charging Kit - $299.99

This all-inclusive kit supplies economical power anywhere the sun shines. The solar panels utilize amorphous solar cells capable of producing power in cloudy, low-light conditions and in temperatures down to -40 F. If you need more power, simply hook up additional panels (up to 10). It makes a great addition to an RV or a home as an extra source of power. Kit includes everything you need for easy installation. Can be used to charge a 12-volt battery (sold separately). Built-in blocking diode protects against battery discharge at night. Kit includes PVC mounting frame, 7-amp charge controller, 175-watt inverter and all wiring and connecting cable. Maximum power output of 60 watts or 4 amps in ideal conditions. Manufacturer's five-year warranty.Total weight: 55 lbs. Each panel measures: 36" x 12". - $299.99