Sun-Mar Composting Toilet and Accessories - Gray - $64.99

The Excel toilet series optimizes the natural processes of decomposition and evaporation in a fully self-contained unit small enough to fit in a camper or cabin. And because no chemicals are used, the composted material can be tilled into the soil without fear of environmental contamination. The NSF listed Excel, plugs into a 110 outlet and incorporates a 2 vent with an internal electric fan and a thermostatically controlled heating element. The Excel NE (non-electric) relies on a larger 4 vent for evaporation and elimination of any restroom odors. Each toilet includes venting material and start-up supplies of Compost Sure, Microbe Mix and Compost Quick. An optional fan for the Excel NE is also available to more rapidly dissipate odors. Additional bags of Compost Sure Peat can also be purchased when needed. Available: Excel Excel NE Optional Fan (for Excel NE) Compost Sure Peat (5-10 lb. bags) Color: Gray. Type: Fans. - $64.99