Summit Treestands Ultimate Viper SD Climbing Treestand - $399.99

When Summit took their top-of-the-line Viper treestand and turned it into the Ultimate stand, they went above and beyond ordinary upgrades. They added a fully adjustable gunrest and a thick, camouflage-covered platform comfort mat to relieve fatigue. Critical platform parts are filled with a noise-reducing expanding foam using Dead Metal Technology. Includes a custom drop-down camo blind thats easy to deploy from the front guard bar and rolls up to store. Has storage pouches to insert heat packs, accessories and snacks. Stand is tested to TMA standards. Includes RapidClimb Stirrups, a full-body safety harness with Suspension Relief System (SRS) and carrying straps. Made in USA.Seat size: 18 x 12.Platform size: 20 x 28-3/4.Weight: 26 lbs. Weight capacity:300 lbs.Camo pattern: Realtree AP. A Video Public Service Announcement from theTREESTAND MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION Type: Climbing Stands. - $399.99