Sugoi Versa Women's Jacket - $47.98

When rides go from sunny and tepid to overcast and chilly in a matter of miles, balancing weather protection with breathability is vital to cycling comfort. Thankfully, the lightweight Sugoi Versa Women's Jacket combines the best features of a vest and jacket with its magnetically attached one-piece sleeve/top that removes and installs in seconds. Now, you have every variable of nature under control. Unlike traditional convertible vest/jacket combos with two separate zip-on sleeves, the water- and wind-resistant Versa features a removable piece that's much like a shrug sweater. And with no small zipper tabs or multiple parts to struggle with, it's simple to remove or install in one swift motion. This is because the magnet clasps of the piece naturally find their mate. For storage, a large, easily accessible rear pocket holds the top when a vest is better suited for the conditions. However, the Versa's ideal convertible system isn't the end-all solution to this high-tech jacket's temperature regulation and weather protection. The jacket is constructed from the Argon fabric. This is a woven rip-stop polyester barrier with a Durable Weather Repellent treatment that keeps you dry, yet it still allows perspiration to escape. This micro-climate system keeps your core warmer when the conditions calls for it, and it also ensures that the Versa won't become stifling when things heat up. At the bottom of the sleeves, adjustable cuffs cinch down over gloves, while dual shock cords, accessed from the two zipped front pockets, allow the road-spray-blocking drop hem to prevent cool air from sneaking in. A soft micro fleece lining around the collar warms the neck without chafing the skin, and the reverse coil, full-length front zip has a guard that prevents pinching. For increased visibility to motorists in low-light conditions, Sugoi has also added reflective accents throughout the jacket. - $47.98