Sugoi RSX Shorts - $179.95

What makes a great set of mountain bike shorts' Some would argue that it's a comfortable fit, while others may point to stretchy fabrics or an anatomic chamois. Thankfully, though, the Sugoi RSX Shorts check all of these boxes, while also adding a BOA waist adjustment to the equation. Sugoi built the RSX shorts out of its proprietary RS Flex fabric. Why' Well, it's the combination of its built-in stretch, quick-drying knit, and water-resistance characteristics that make the RS Flex an ideal candidate for trail riding duties. And, as the name implies, the RS Flex material moves with you as you pedal instead of bunching. And because it's both water-resistant and quick-drying, you gain a much needed protection from the elements. After all, we've found that staying dry is essential to all-day comfort in the saddle. The contoured cut of the shorts is shaped for pedaling. So, when couple with the RS Flex fabric, the RSX shorts move with you in a way that feels natural. And to boost the comfort even further, Sugoi included a BOA L5 dial for precise adjustment of the waist. That's right, that BOA L5 found on the world's most top-tier of cycling shoes. So, you're able to incrementally, micro-adjust your fit, and the BOA closure ensures that the fit stays put throughout the duration of your ride. The RSX's removable liner is built around Sugoi's Formula FX chamois. This insert is built with an anatomic shape, which relieves pressure from your sensitive nerves. To do so, the design transfers pressure to your sit bones, which are far more adept at supporting your body weight. And in conjunction with the shape, four-way stretch panels ensure that the chamois moves with you, instead of bunching or chafing. Furthering the chafe-fighting properties, this insert is seam-free. So, you don't need to worry about any irritation at the seams. The Sugoi RSX Shorts are available in five sizes from Small to XX-Large and in the colors Black/black and Concrete/cyan. - $179.95