Sugoi RSE Women's Bib Shorts - $229.95

If a comfortable set of bib shorts will take the sting out of challenging rides, and the Sugoi RSE Women's Bib Shorts definitely fit the bill. With a ten-paneled, anatomically-contoured fit, and Sugoi's top-of-the-line FXE chamois, the RSE bib shorts have everything that you need to enjoy long days in the saddle. Sugoi built the RSE bib shorts from its Revoflex and Revoflex Mesh fabrics, because of each material's proven wicking abilities. Basically, by transporting moisture to the surface of the fabric, the RSE bib shorts allow that moisture to evaporate much faster than it would on your skin. After all, staying dry is key to being comfortable on long rides. Accordingly, Revoflex is applied throughout the majority of the shorts, while the Revoflex Mesh finds its way onto the panels at the outside of the legs. In this position, Sugoi is capitalizing on the material's increased air permeability. And, as a result, Revoflex Mesh provides an even greater airflow, which lets off excess heat. So, you stay cool in addition to being dry. The RSE bib shorts are built from ten panels, with each being cut to specifically contour with a woman's body. This means that the shorts move with you as you pedal, instead of either bunching or chafing. In keeping with the anatomic fit, Sugoi crossed the bib straps at the back, which places them around your breasts, instead of over them. And speaking of preventing chafing, Sugoi employed a bonded seam construction, thereby eliminating chafing at the seams. As you would expect with shorts of this caliber, the RSE bibs are built around Sugoi's FXE women's-specific chamois. This insert is anatomically designed to channel pressure away from your sensitive nerves, and in turn, direct that pressure to your sit bones. The reason for this is simple, as your sit bones are more adept at carrying your body mass. The FXE chamois is laminated, rather than being stitched, which eliminates the need for uncomfortable seams. - $229.95