Sufix 832 Ghost Advanced Superline 'Yellow/White' (150 YD) - $12.88

Next-generation GORE Performance Fibers make this the strongest, most durable Sufix braid available. And its now available in a Ghost color, which is nearly invisible below the waterline but still easy to see by anglers on the surface. Mixed with Dyneema fibers this thin line has a 32-weave-per-inch braid that provides 20% more tensile strength and 30% stronger Palomar knots. This quiet-casting braid preserved its roundness and 95% of its tensile strength during 1,000 test cycles, making it three times more fray- and abrasion-resistant than other braided lines. Side-by-side testing also revealed that it casts an average of 10urther than braided line without GOREPerformance Fibers. Thermal Plastic Gel technology locks in line color. Color: Ghost. Lb. Test Monofilament Equivalent Diameter (lb. test) Dia. (in.) Yds. 6 2 0.006 150, 300 10 4 0.008 Size: 150 YD. Color: Ghost. - $12.88