Sublimation Experiement Ski DVD - $15.95

The Sublimation Experiment is a candid look at a handful of athletes throughout the two epic winters of 2006 & 2007 as they showcase their skills while struggling to integrate their passion for skiing and snowboarding with a sustainable lifestyle. This is not a story of big name pros, but rather a story of people that are devoted to the sport and struggle to make it work, just like you and me. It is a progressive alternative to the traditional ski film. The movie integrates aggressive action skiing, with a narrative storyline and seeks to understand why these individuals have been driven to devote the conflicts that have driven to devote a substantial portion of their lives to the sport, the hardships and the conflicts that have resulted from this decision. The viewer will witness these individuals as they confront the changes that have affected their communities and the pristine backcountry locations that they frequent in addition to maintaining their unique culture. - $15.95