Styx River Neo-Mats Boat Matting - $74.99

One of the best and most functional boat accessories developed in years. Created to provide a tough, yet cushioned surface, Neo-Mats not only protect your boat's finish, but also reduce the noise of aluminum boats something essential to hunters and fishermen. These 1 2"-thick, neoprene-backed mats need no adhesive, absorb less than 5% of their own weight in water and can be customized to fit the floors, decks and boxes of any aluminum boat line. Available in camo patterns that look great in camo boats as well as solid-colored aluminum boats. Easy to clean. 5-ft. wide, per 3-ft. running length. Available:Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Realtree MAX-4 Realtree Hardwoods Green HD - $74.99