Strike Pro Buster Jerk - $9.88

The original Strike Pro glide bait has a unique side-to-side motion and "belly flash" to entice those lunkers to strike. Simply jerk your rod, and the Buster Jerk glides one to two feet to the side. Continue jerking and twitching your rod, and you get an action that is irresistible to big fish. Great for big muskie and northern pike, but also excellent for striped bass, peacock bass, tarpon, snook and cobia. Features a through wire harness, deep resonating rattle chamber, VMC wide gap hooks and heavy-duty, stainless steel split rings. Per each.Length: 6".Weight: 2-1/2 oz.Colors: (029)Firetiger, (031)Orange Tiger, (037)Mascara, (076)Natural Perch, (102)Chartreuse Bandit, (114)Dawn. - $9.88