Strike King Redfish Magic Glass Minnow Soft Bait Bodies - Black/Chartreuse - $3.29

The Redfish Magic Glass Minnows swimming tail kicks up tremendous action thats guaranteed to get redfish excited. Made from a revolutionary new tear-resistant material, theyre more buoyant and softer than traditional soft plastic lures. The result is terrific action and the incredible durability needed to catch more saltwater fish. Theyre ideal when rigged on a lead-head jig. Per 5. Colors:(027)Blue Glimmer/Pearl Belly,(041)Chartreuse/Silver Flake,(048)Pumpkin/Chartreuse Tail,(066)Blue Crab,(067)Black/Chartreuse Tail, (069)Space Guppy,(070)Glow/Chartreuse Tail,(084)Pearl,(160)New Penny,(443)Avocado. Color: Black/Chartreuse. Type: Unrigged Plastic Swimbaits. - $3.29