Strike King KVD Sexy Frog - Natural - $8.49

Designed by Kevin Van Dam, this innovative frog bait slices through heavy cover and swims like the real thing in open water. A super-sharp Gamakatsu hook seals the deal when a bass strikes. A free-floating rattle emits strike-enticing sound. Per each. Size: 2-1/2, 5/8 oz. Colors: (046)Green Pumpkin/Orange Throat, (047)Pumpkin Pearl Belly, (084)Pearl White, (153)Tiger, (154)Sexy Frog, (155)Leopard Frog, (156)Copper Frog, (157)Stump Jumper, (158)Spring Frog, (176)Natural Green Frog, (177)Candy Frog, (179)Watermelon Green Pumpkin. Color: Natural. Type: Frog Baits. - $8.49