Strike King Go-B-Gone - GRNPMPSEED (4") - $3.88

Strike Kings Go-B-Gone can be used for drop-shotting, Texas-rigging or fished on a jighead to imitate the gobies that northern bass feed on. A primary forage for Great Lakes bass, the Go-B-Gones enticing action combined with Strike Kings patent-pending coffee scent technology fools the pigs. The scent masks human scent and oils, triggers more bites and causes bass to hold on longer. Per 7.Size: 4.Colors: (026)Goby Lisish, (115)Twinkie, (046)Green Pumpkinseed, (114)Spinach, (111)Goby Latte. Type: Creatures. Size 4". Color Grnpmpseed. - $3.88