Strike King Dream Shot - Chartreuse - $5.79

Designed by Kevin Van Dam and Mark Zona Strike Kings Dream Shot is a go-to drop-shot bait. Combines the profile of a worm and a minnow into a super-soft bait with a lively action. Flat bottom allows the bulbous tail to quiver even when the bait is sitting still. The Dream Shot looks and feels like an expensive hand pour and is loaded with salt for irresistible attraction. Sizes: 4 (per 10); 5 (per 8). Colors: (013)Green Pumpkin Purple Gold, (016)Watermelon Seed, (018)Watermelon Red Flake, (046)Green Pumpkin, (103)Dirt, (141)KVD Magic, (151)Ghost Shad, (190)Chartreuse/Blue Glimmer Back, (217)Firetiger, (231)Brown/Purple, (269)Magic, (270)Bold Bluegill, (272)Pro Blue Neon, (273)Prism Shad, (276)Triple Magic. Color: Chartreuse. Type: Worms. - $5.79