Strike King Amistad S11 Polarized Sunglasses - Clear (One Size) - $39.99

The Strike King Amistad S11 Polarized Sunglasses tailor the light spectrum for optimal visual clarity in all fishing conditions. Whether its clear or overcast, the polarized TAC lenses block out water-surface glare, allowing you to see into the water to locate structure and fish. An anti-reflective coating prevents light from reflecting off the inside of the lens into the eye. This results in an ultraclear, undistorted image. A bi-gradient mirror treatment adds protection from light bouncing off of the water from below and sunlight from above. A hydrophobic coating repels oils, dust and water. This prevents water spots, and it makes them easy to clean. Bold frames are built of durable polycarbonate. One size fits most. Size: One Size. Color: Clear. Gender: Male. Type: Polarized. - $39.99