Streamlight Sidewinder Compact II Headlamp - $87.88

One of the most versatile ultracompact headlamps on the market. Multiple light settings and power sources provide you with a variety of lighting options. Each headlamp has a shockproof, bright-white C4 LED and 5mm infrared, blue and red LEDs. Output modes for all light sources include low (10%), medium 1 (25%), medium 2 (45%), high (100%) and strobe (100%). Rubber switch has rotary, four-position locking light selector, and can be easily operated while wearing heavy gloves. Runs off of one CR-123A lithium (included), one AA lithium or one AA alkaline battery. Batteries not included. White C4 LED runs at high output for six hours (CR-123A and AA lithium batteries); two hours (AA alkaline battery). Flashlight can be handheld, clipped to MOLLE vest or attached to the included head strap. A 185 tilting body directs the light.Dimensions: 3L x 2.04W x 1.07H.Weight (with CR-123A battery): 2.4 oz. (without head strap), 3.3 oz. (with head strap).Light sources/outputs: White C4 LED with CR-123A battery: 55 lumens, 69-meter beam. Bright, white light. White C4 LED with AA battery: 47 lumens, 63-meter beam. Bright, white light. 5mm IR LED: 25mW/sr radiant intensity. Enhances nightvision equipment and other infrared-sensing electronics. 5mm red LED: 1.5 lumens, 15-meter beam. Good for preserving nightvision. 5mm blue LED: 1.8 lumens, 23-meter beam. Good for following blood trails. Type: Headlamps. - $87.88