Straight Line Wing w/ Flat Line Rope/Handle Combo Black - $159.99

Key Features of the Straight Line Wing w/ Flat Line Rope/Handle Combo: SL Pro Series End Cap: Injection molded nylon plastic end cap that prevents handle roll Lash Guard: Molded inner section of endcap keeps your hands free of handle lash Coated Dyneema Leader: Lightweight, Dyneema leader line, no stretch with PU coating for smooth gliding Unique EVA Wrap Grip Diameter: Raw EVA wrap around another layer of EVA to give a unique feel and grip T6-6061 Aluminum Bar: No flex, no bend, lightweight bar extrusion with built in floats SL Pro “Y” Connect: Spliced leader line with no stretch connection, molded with Straightline Logo Flat Line Wakeboard Line:Float PU Coating: Coating that resists abrasion and a smooth gliding surface, pressed flat for even easier glide 4mm Dyneema Rope: No stretch, no recoil, the best of rope available, 4mm thick 85 Feet of Total Line Length: Longer line for the needs of today's riders Mainline Sections: 50'-10'-5'-5'-5'-5' - $159.99