Straight Line Ugly Stick Wakeboard Handle Red/Orange - $41.95

The Straight Line Ugly Stick Wakeboard Handle is a lightweight handle built of quality components. The leader is made from strong 4mm Dyneema and so has no stretch to it and is covered with PVC tubing to ensure no abrasion to the leader can occur. Each handle is unique as the grips on each one are made from small random pieces of EVA so no two grips are the same and easy to hold. Lastly the handle is made from lightweight aluminum so there is no bend to it while staying very light.Key Features of the Straight Line Ugly Stick Wakeboard Handle: 12 inch Dip Molded End Cap: PVC dipped endcap, lightweight and pad printed with unique color ways 4mm Dyneema Leader: Lightweight, Dyneema leader line, no stretch PVC Dyneema Tubing: PVC tubing that covers Dyneema leader line to resist abrasion Random EVA Molded Grip: Unique pieces of EVA pieced together to form unique grips T6-6061 Aluminum Bar: No flex, no bend, lightweight bar extrusion with built in floats. - $41.95