Straight Line Hydra-Tak Wakeboard Handle Blue - $38.95

A revolutionary new material Hydra-Tak becomes incredibly "sticky when wet", while maintaining a comfortable, medium-density cushion. We also utilize our new Tri-Bond Technology, consisting of a wrapped, glued and stitched process to ensure unparalleled grip durability.Key Features of the Straight Line Hydra-Tak Wakeboard Handle: Dip Molded End Cap: PVC dipped endcap, lightweight and pad printed with Straightline branding 4mm Dyneema Leader: Lightweight, Dyneema leader line, no stretch PVC Dyneema Tubing: PVC tubing, that covers Dyneema leader line to resist abrasion HydraTak Oval Grip Diameter: Oval grip with EVA backed HydraTak grip material, exclusive material to Straightline T6-6061 Aluminum Bar: No flex, no bend, lightweight bar extrusion with built in floats - $38.95