Storm WildEye Live Sunfish - Natural - $5.49

Little sunfish are a favorite food source for a wide range of predatory fish. And nothing duplicates those irresistible meals better than these realistic, lifelike baits. Each has a secure I-bolt system of holographic WildEyes for the little extra enticement that's often needed when fish aren't buying what you're selling. Add in natural color patterns, holographic Swimmin' Flash Foil and a realistic swimming action and you have a bait that will draw strikes under any fishing conditions. Rigged with a strong, soft body and an internal lead head. Equipped with a superior VMC needlepoint and a treble belly hook. Per 3. Sizes: 2 , 1/4 oz. 3 , 5/16 oz. Color: Natural. Type: Rigged Plastic Swimbaits. - $5.49