Storm WildEye Kickin' Minnow - Rainbow - $3.99

The Kickin Minnow features a segmented body with kicking tail for the ultimate in realistic underwater movement. The polycarbonate lip causes the bait to dive and enhances the baits tantalizing motion. Holographic WildEye drives fish nuts. Durable, soft-plastic body. Rigged with a premium red VMC hook. 10 model comes with two red treble hooks. Per each. Sizes: 4, 3/8 oz. 6, 1-3/8 oz. 10, 5-1/4 oz. Colors: ((002)Crystal Parrot, (004)Gizzard Shad, (005)Perch, (006)Pearl, (007)Purple Phantom, (008)Red Hot Chile, (353)Rainbow Trout. Color: Rainbow. Type: Rigged Plastic Swimbaits. - $3.99