Storm Wildeye Curl Tail Spin Shad - $4.88

Holographic WildEye and flash foil make the Curl Tail Spin Shad irresistable to fish. Willow leaf blade, SS ball bearing swivel and a safety pin style wireband with a VMC hook. Includes 1 fully rigged body with nickel blade and 1 optional hammered brass blade.Sizes:3" - 5/8 oz. includes 2 extra bodies. Per 3.6" - 2-1/2 oz. includes 1 extra body. Per 2.Colors: (001)Bluegill, (003)Fire Tiger, (005)Pearl, (007)Shad, (008)Shiner Chartreuse Silver, (010)Perch, (011)Sucker, (012)Walleye. - $4.88