Storm Wiggle Wart Lure - (074)Hot Tiger - $5.49

With its distinctive crayfish-mimicking wiggle, dinner-bell rattle, irresistible eyes and lifelike colors, this Wiggle Wart Lure by Storm is sure to get every fishs attention as soon as it hits the water. Just as it always has, the Storm Wiggle Wart comes equipped with premium VMC hooks. Cast it for largemouth or troll it for walleye or salmon - this versatile lure will deliver no matter how its fished. Available in original Wiggle Wart colors and Madflash patterns, which include 3-D holographic eyes and an enhanced finish for maximum flash. Per each. Size: 2, 3/8 oz. Original colors: (045)Brown Scale Crawdad, (051)Tennessee Shad, (059)Phantom Brown Crayfish, (062)Naturistic Brown Crayfish, (063)Naturistic Green Crayfish, (074)Hot Tiger, (086)Phantom Green Crayfish, (095)Solid Fluorescent Pink, (102)Metallic Blue/Black (not shown), (108)Metallic Silver Fluorescent Red, (132)Metallic/Silver/Chartreuse Lip, (133)Metallic Blue Scale Red, (134)Metallic Green Scale Red, (138)Metallic Pink Black Lip, (158)Metallic/Orange/Chartreuse (not shown), (159)Black/Glitter/Fluorescent Red (not shown), (163)Green Blue Craw, (165)Brown Orange Craw, (166)Butter Jelly Craw, (175)Metallic Purple/Purple, (209)Naturistic Red Crayfish, (210)Watermelon, (626)Blazin Pink UV, (655)Red Craw, (656)Moss Back Craw, (657)Creek Craw, (658)Orange Brown Craw, (665)Blazin Red UV, (667)Blazin Green UV, (668)Blazin Blue UV. - $5.49