Storm Twitch Stick - RAINBOW SMELT (3 1/4") - $3.88

A suspending jerkbait with a thick, minnow profile with 3-D holographic eyes and vibrating body that creates an aggressive action on retrieve. Very responsive to subtle, twitch-style retrieve. On the pause, the bait comes to rest with an added wobble that triggers strikes. Loud multiball rattle, external scales and premium VMC black-nickel hooks. Per each.Sizes: 3-1/4, 5/16 oz, dives 2-4 ft. 4, 5/8 oz, dives 3-5 ft. Colors: (592)Black Chrome Orange, (594)Blue Chrome Orange, (601)Chrome Yellow Perch, (613)Rainbow Smelt, (614)Pearl Shad, (874) Hot Tiger. Type: Stick Baits. Size 3 1/4". Color Rainbow Smelt. - $3.88