Storm Smash Shad - Yellow/Black - $4.99

Cast it or troll it, the Smash Shad has the fish-tempting sounds, action and finish of an instant classic. Its high-frequency, multiball rattle grabs the attention of nearby predatory fish, and its stable, rolling action delivers lifelike action at any speed. Detailed external scales, holographic 3-D eyes and a UV Bright finish reflect more light energy for phenomenal visibility. (UV Bright finish on colors 651, 663, 664 only). Premium VMC black-nickel hooks deliver strong hooksets. Per each. Sizes: 2, 3/16 oz., Dives 4-8 ft. 2-1/2, 1/4 oz. Dives 5-10 ft. 2-3/4, 3/8 oz. Dives 6-12 ft. Colors: (104)Metallic Yellow/Black, (148)Metallic Rainbow, (212)Threadfin Shad, (251)Blueberry Glitter, (255)Cheap Sunglasses, (281)Hot Perch, (282)Fire Perch, (592)Black/Chrome/Orange, (594)Blue/Chrome/Orange, (599)Chrome Clown, (601)Chrome Yellow Perch, (613)Rainbow Smelt, (641)Ghost Blue Ultraviolet, (651)Green Fire UV, (663)Purple Fire UV, (664)Blue/Pink Fire UV, (670)Ghost Ultraviolet, (673)Ghost Purple Ultraviolet. Color: Yellow/Black. Type: Crankbaits. - $4.99