Storm Rockin' Shad - Black Chrome - $3.88

The classic Thin Fin profile goes lipless. Strong vibrating body and multiball rattle is raspy and loud when ripped or retrieved. On the fall, bait sinks head down with side to side Rockin action and intermittent cadence rattle. Thick-wall construction, detailed external scales and holographic 3-D eyes. Premium VMC black-nickel hooks deliver strong hooksets. Per each. Size: 2-1/2, 1/2 oz. Variable running depth. Colors: (449)Blue Chrome, (591)Black Chrome, (598)Gizzard Shad, (601)Chrome Yellow Perch, (613)Rainbow Smelt, (641)Green Chartreuse Craw, (643)Orange Craw, (644)Fire Craw, (681)Sunfish. Color: Black Chrome. - $3.88