Storm Original Jr. ThunderStick - Yellow/Black - $5.99

The proven fish-catching rattle and swimming motion of the Storm Original ThunderStick is now available in a smaller 3-1/2 size. Troll it, jerk it, cast it or twitch it youll find it just as effective and versatile as its full-sized bigger brother. With realistic flash and scale patterns, this lure will fool even wary fish. Deadly sharp, red VMC Barbarian hooks will seal the fate of any fish that strikes. Running depth is 1 to 5 ft. Per each. Size: 3-1/2, 1/4 oz. Colors: (006)Metallic Blue/Red Lip, (018)Chrome Yellow Perch, (021)Hot Tiger, (103) Metallic Silver Black, (104)Yellow/Black Back, (592)Black Chrome Orange, (594)Blue Chrome Orange, (595)Blue Steel Shad, (596)Chartreuse Purple Shad, (599)Chrome Clown, (603)Metallic Gold/Chartreuse. Color: Yellow/Black. Type: Stick Baits. - $5.99