Storm Original Deep Jr. Thunderstick - Black Chrome - $5.99

With a realistic swimming action, a scaled finish that maximizes flash and 3-D holographic eyes, the Storm Original Deep Jr. Thunderstick presents aquatic predators with a tempting target. Use the speed of your trolling or retrieve to run this lure at depths from 6-15 ft. Internal rattles provide additional enticement. Super-sharp premium black-nickel VMC hooks. Per each. Size: 3-1/2, 5/16 oz. Colors: (006)Metallic Blue/Red Lip, (021)Hot Tiger, (118)Chrome Yellow Perch, (592)Black Chrome Orange, (594)Blue Chrome Orange, (595)Blue Steel Shad, (596)Chartreuse Purple Shad, (599)Chrome Clown, (603)Metallic Gold/Chartreuse, (664)Blue Pink Fire UV,(670)Ghost UV, (671)Ghost Blue UV, (672)Ghost Pink UV, (673)Ghost Purple UV, (698)Green Fire UV. Color: Black Chrome. Type: Stick Baits. - $5.99