Storm Magnum Wiggle Wart Crankbait - Pink/Black (2 3) - $4.99

The original Storm Wiggle Wart is one of the greatest crankbaits of all time. The Magnum Wiggle Wart Crankbait version gets extra deep and has rattle chambers that call in fish. The lures deep-diving action reaches depths of 13 ft. to 18 ft. when casting and will dive 18 ft. to 24 ft. when trolled. Two-piece molded body allows the lure to run true at variable speeds. Per each. Size: 2-3/4, 3/4 oz. Colors:(005)SolidFluorescent Pink, (048)Solid Fluorescent Red,(059)Black Glitter/Fluorescent Red,(060)Black Glitter/Chartreuse Tail,(074)Hot Tiger,(090)Fluorescent Red/Black Herringbone,(102)Metallic Blue/Black, (132)Metallic Sliver/Chartreuse Lip, (134)Metallic Green/Red Lip, (138)Metallic Pink/Black Lip,(158)Metallic Orange/Chartreuse, (175)Metallic Purple/Purple Herringbone,(210)Watermelon,(623)Blazin Pink, (655)Red Craw, (656)Moss Back Craw, (657)Creek Craw, (658)Orange Brown Craw, (665)Blazin Red,(667)Blazin Green,(668)Blazin Blue. Size: 2 3. Color: Pink/Black. Type: Crankbaits. - $4.99