Storm Deep Rattlin' Thinfin - $3.88

The proven, original shad bait now in a deep-diving design. Faceted body with external scales and 3-D holographic eyes runs tight with lots of flash and vibration. Multi-ball rattle is extra loud. UV Bright finish offers enhanced reflection and visibility. UV Bright included on colors 698, 699, 700. Premium Black Nickel VMC hooks. Per each.Available: DRTF05: 2 , 3/16 oz. Runs 6-12 feet. DRTF07: 2-3/4 , oz. Runs 8-15 feet. Colors: (018)Chrome/Yellow Perch, (592)Black/Chrome Orange, (594)Blue/Chrome Orange, (595)Blue Steel/Shad, (596)Chartreuse/Purple Shad, (698)Green Fire UV, (699)Orange Fire UV, (700)Pink Fire UV. - $3.88