StormDeepRattlin'FlatWart - White 'Gizzard shad' - $3.88

The classic Wart searching action, enhanced with flat sides for more flash and tighter vibration. Its extremely buoyant, too, so it backs out of the heaviest cover. An external scale pattern and 3-D holographic eyes seal the deal. Some colors have flash-enhancing UV-Bright finishes.Sizes: DRFW05 (2, 3/8 oz., 7-13-ft. run depth) DRFW07 (2-3/4, 5/8 oz., 8-15-ft. run depth) Colors: (583)Blue Back Herring, (598)Gizzard Shad, (641)Green Chartreuse Craw, (642)Red Craw, (643)Orange Craw, (651)Green Fire UV, (652)Orange Fire UV, (653)Pink Fire UV, (654)Mossy Orange UV. Type: Crankbaits. Color Gizzard Shad. Model Drfw07. - $3.88