Stoney-Wolf Tactics For Self Defense Ii Iii Dvds - $19.99

Tactics for Self Defense II Nearly two hours of educational, informative instruction on advanced self-defense tactics from the experts at Gunsite Academy, the leading training center for government, military and private citizens. Learn practical, field-proven techniques that give you the upper hand in a defensive situation. Triple feature includes Tactical Edged Weapons I, Tactical Pistol II and Tactical Concealed Carry II. 109 minutes.Tactics for Self Defense III Learn how to defend yourself using a walking stick or cane. Realistic scenarios illustrate the application and delivery of defensive techniques in a clear, concise manner. Techniques can be modified and applied to improvised implements other than a walking stick or cane. The highly skilled Gunsite Academy and West Coast Academy instructors introduce you to real-world counterattack methods. 35 minutes. - $19.99