Stoney-Wolf Jim Shockey's DVDs - $7.88

Join Jim Shockey on his quest for monster bucks. These DVDs deliver unscripted laughs and the drama of a whitetail hunt. Available: Jim Shockeys Whitetail Extreme Join Jim Shockey and his crew as they chase world-class whitetails in Saskatchewan. Shockey takes a huge Saskatchewan giant, and long-time cameraman Todd Bissenden downs a buck hes been after for three seasons. Brian Wojo spies a drop-tine buck hes never seen before, and Matt Gibson outsmarts a massive, heavy-antlered giant. 58 minutes. Jim Shockeys Heart-Stopping Hunts Whether its an elephant, Cape buffalo, rhino, or lion, hunters after any of these species do so at their own peril. A hunting team can plan well in an attempt to stay safe in these situation, but there are still the unknowns... the uncertain lines between hunter and hunted the heart-stopping moments you dont expect the venomous snake that lurks unseen, the loose mountain rock ready to break free or the floatplane suddenly in distress. It happens almost every year, somewhere in the big game danger zone. Jim Shockey and his team have faced close calls and catastrophes worldwide. They share with you some of their most hair-raising, heart-stopping hunts some theyd rather not see again. Watch for yourself, and youll see why. 109 minutes. - $7.88